Runey Moon

Where cats walk tall with human stature
Amidst a night of fitful sleep
Casting shadows in the dark
Shadows they cannot follow
Under the light of day

When unwanted wights work
To bust down your front door—
Unscrew the bolts of your dreams—
It’s then you should shout
The unexpected shout,
Drive the bolts home again
Seal the passage shut

When the moon’s going round
Inspires story-thoughts
Of reflections of reflections…

And that single silver face
Endlessly obsessed
with its own wax-waning
distant running shadow
Floats, turning ever inward
Brightening then darkening
Pushing and pulling upon the seas
Upon the sanguine pools below
Eclipse in motion
Churning oceans
Boiling blood & sowing strife
Inspiring lust, brewing life.

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