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Riding the Office Nightmare

Posted in Dreams on October 13, 2012 by himself

almost everyone was quitting at the last office job I had

only clueless principles & four hapless newbies were left

Even I — ever ambivalent about doing this sort of work — had found another job at a software research facility on a University campus

spent the final day getting the transition done with everyone leaving

I worked longer (for why? I kept asking myself) to make sure that all the transition went smoothly at Monsoon

finally left the office to go for my first day (late) at my new job

got to the campus, but wasn’t certain where the job site was

ended up figuring it was on the other side of campus (enormous institution)

walked up a long flight of wooden deck stairs to an apartment block door… to ask for directions

at the top; at the door; I met a polar bear, waiting at the door

I shouted out “hey, buddy” so as not to frighten him — felt a few moments of apprehension, trying to stay calm telling myself that he must be tame if he’s wandering about campus

the polar bear turned and loped down the stairs and past me, saying as he passed, “wow.. are you a cute one”

continued up to the door… a large white fluffy cat was sitting on the doorknob — but he would not speak when spoken to… just took off into some bushes on the right of the door when I got close

knocked… door was answered by an academic looking woman — friendly and helpful; told me where to go & she offered to drive

from somewhere a 20-ish man came too — they both seemed to like me very much & invited me to stay with them if need be

occurs to me now there may have been a sexual interest with them both

they dropped my at the main campus square (at my request)… got out of the car & the dream fades…

and I remember the land it had no sun

though there was always light — a dark and dusky twilight


Posted in Dreams on March 15, 2012 by himself

tongues of fire,
Lonesome howl
of trains
Past midnight

Approach of Dawn
Still hours
… Still hours

Runey Moon

Posted in Dreams on March 2, 2012 by himself

Where cats walk tall with human stature
Amidst a night of fitful sleep
Casting shadows in the dark
Shadows they cannot follow
Under the light of day

When unwanted wights work
To bust down your front door—
Unscrew the bolts of your dreams—
It’s then you should shout
The unexpected shout,
Drive the bolts home again
Seal the passage shut

When the moon’s going round
Inspires story-thoughts
Of reflections of reflections…

And that single silver face
Endlessly obsessed
with its own wax-waning
distant running shadow
Floats, turning ever inward
Brightening then darkening
Pushing and pulling upon the seas
Upon the sanguine pools below
Eclipse in motion
Churning oceans
Boiling blood & sowing strife
Inspiring lust, brewing life.

Night Muse

Posted in Dreams on February 27, 2012 by himself

Had a dream of Him…

Big & thick & sincere
Reddish brownish soft soft hair
Blue-eyed fair and dazzling

Freckled with a map of scars
under black light
Near to swept me off my feet…

He had his flaws to be sure,
“I killed 13 people…”
Never got the low-down on that.