What Am I Waiting For?

So I am writing a novel. The first of many potentially.

My story idea is huge. In order to hear about it, “you have to sit down,” according to my friend Jeffrey. It’s taking longer than I expected. But then, so does all writing no matter what it is, especially if you give a damn about it.

And that’s what this is all about. I have spent almost the entire last 15 years working my ass off to turn a thankless few into millionaires…  I have finally asked myself, “how much better might I do if I write stuff that matters to me. Stuff that I care about? Stuff that I might want to read?”

And I have finally tasked myself with getting some such stuff out there; some of the ideas I’ve been knocking around on bus rides and less-than-exhausted evenings after work for the past all-too-many years.

I’m betting most everything that things work out better this way.

I call the project Elevenbridge. I have a nascent blog up for it. I hope to start publishing the primary storyline in parts via the Kindle store, B&N & other places. Smaller pieces of interest will appear sporadically on the Elevenbridge blog.

The first part of the story begins in Portland, and ends somewhere else.

Stay tuned.

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