Hurry Up

I sit and I second-guess myself all too often. I’ve said very little to anyone about my Elevenbridge project out of an almost superstitious fear of letting the cat out of the bag, and thus losing the magic before it happens. But it might be too, a simple self-defense mechanism. Because ever since I posted my confession about writing the novel, all I can hear is this little voice wondering if what I have is interesting enough; good enough… as interesting as I think it is?

Of the few people I have revealed much of this project to, all have been rather more appreciative than I expected. So what am I worrying about?

I’ve got to get over this and out of my own way. I’ve got some prose polishing left to do on the first few chapters… but I should push myself to get these out sooner than later.

First week in April for the first three chapters? It’s worth a try!

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