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Just Stare At It

Posted in Writing on April 7, 2012 by himself

It’s amazing to me, this thing called “writing something.”

Most of the time all it takes is making yourself stare at it long enough and non-judgementally enough… relaxing into not knowing what the hell you’re going to write next… and suddenly you look back again and it’s almost written itself.

For me, anyway, the most difficult part is making myself sit still long enough for the words to come through.

Hurry Up

Posted in Writing on March 20, 2012 by himself

I sit and I second-guess myself all too often. I’ve said very little to anyone about my Elevenbridge project out of an almost superstitious fear of letting the cat out of the bag, and thus losing the magic before it happens. But it might be too, a simple self-defense mechanism. Because ever since I posted my confession about writing the novel, all I can hear is this little voice wondering if what I have is interesting enough; good enough… as interesting as I think it is?

Of the few people I have revealed much of this project to, all have been rather more appreciative than I expected. So what am I worrying about?

I’ve got to get over this and out of my own way. I’ve got some prose polishing left to do on the first few chapters… but I should push myself to get these out sooner than later.

First week in April for the first three chapters? It’s worth a try!

What Am I Waiting For?

Posted in Writing on March 15, 2012 by himself

So I am writing a novel. The first of many potentially.

My story idea is huge. In order to hear about it, “you have to sit down,” according to my friend Jeffrey. It’s taking longer than I expected. But then, so does all writing no matter what it is, especially if you give a damn about it.

And that’s what this is all about. I have spent almost the entire last 15 years working my ass off to turn a thankless few into millionaires…  I have finally asked myself, “how much better might I do if I write stuff that matters to me. Stuff that I care about? Stuff that I might want to read?”

And I have finally tasked myself with getting some such stuff out there; some of the ideas I’ve been knocking around on bus rides and less-than-exhausted evenings after work for the past all-too-many years.

I’m betting most everything that things work out better this way.

I call the project Elevenbridge. I have a nascent blog up for it. I hope to start publishing the primary storyline in parts via the Kindle store, B&N & other places. Smaller pieces of interest will appear sporadically on the Elevenbridge blog.

The first part of the story begins in Portland, and ends somewhere else.

Stay tuned.

First Day Blogging

Posted in Rain, Writing on October 18, 2011 by himself

It’s a low-angled, quite sunny day here in Portland as we slide down the autumnal slopes. And here it lies, the first of many posts to come.

I’m totally pre-occupied with the progress of ‘Elevenbridge, part 1’ at the moment… so much so that I can’t seem to move ahead. I suppose that’s the good in having more than a single project running at any given time… when one isn’t speaking to you, let another jabber on for a while.

I blame the sun. I think it dazzles and disorients me. My poor little mole-eyes were just not built for this.

Bring on the rain!